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About Lab

Nova International Diagnostics introduces itself as Nepal’s fully automated clinical laboratory intended in developing new diagnostic technologies to address unmet medical needs and improve patient care. Nova offers clinical assays, ranging from routine blood analyses to DNA sequencing.

Laboratory Automation

Our working relationship with you is information-driven; requisitions, changing orders, requesting prices, modifying patient information, etc. we have strived to simplify and perfect this flow of information to eliminate miscommunication and drastically reduce the time commitment on both sides. Fully-automated laboratory facilities from pre-analytical analysis to post analytical processes has elevated our laboratory’s precision, speed, accuracy and internal quality control to optimum.

Bar Coding

Barcoding and bi-directional interfacing

At Nova International Diagnostics, we rely on efficient systems for smooth and error-free processing of Thousands of samples that we receive each day. We are the first, and so far, the only diagnostic laboratory to have introduced bar coding system . Every sample is identified by the bar code on the vial. Through this system, the moment the vial is mounted on the automation instrument, it is automatically routed to the correct analyzer for processing and simultaneously output data is synchronized with the software to generate and upload the reports on the website, making the entire process fast and error-free.

Thus, our systems ensure that right tests are done on the right specimen, and right results are delivered to the right people at the right time and right cost. Not only does bar coding ensure error-free reporting, it also helps in curtailing the time consumed or lost in pre-analytical procedures and offers a smooth, hassle free and efficient operation.

IT & Logistics

Our Backend Prowess

Through Bus & air-cargo, Hundreds of  samples from all parts of Nepal are brought to NID. This is made possible by a strong logistics network of Nova International Diagnostics whose well coordinated efforts ensure that the samples reach the NID every night, same night, before mid-night. These are meticulously collected, collated, checked for sample integrity, temperature and other aspects of Pre-analytical Quality Control and then stored appropriately.

IT helps in seamless integration of all the processes, work orders are downloaded from the web server, bar codes are scanned and specimens are arranged accordingly for processing. Hundreds of different samples are processed every night and the reports are directly sent back through E-mail for our customer to see.

We make it a priority top offer flexible services to accommodate yours need.