Quad Marker Screening Test

Quad Marker Screen Test.
Quad Marker Screen Test is also known as Quadruple Marker Screen Test (second trimester testing ) . The Quad Marker Screen Test can be done in between 15 and 22 weeks during pregnancy. The test can only be performed in between given time frame but optimally performed between 16 to 18 Weeks.
Likewise Triple marker screen, the Quad Marker Screen gives details whether there is a high risk for certain birth defects in the baby.  There is no risk to the baby from this test

Substances measured during Test?

Quad Marker Screening Test perform all the three substances similar to Triple Marker Screening Test with one extra that is Inhibin-A perform in Quad Marker Screening Test .
Quad marker screening test perform to measure:
1. Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP): A Protein that produced by liver
2. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG): Hormone formed by Placenta
3. Estriol: It is Estrogen produced in placenta and in the baby liver.
4. Inhibin A: This is also another Harmone that produced by placenta.

Risk like Neural tube defects and the certain chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome can be figure out on the basis of levels of these substances.

Accuracy of Quad Marker Screening Test?
The test is not 100% accurate. It can be predictable about 85% for open neural tube defects, and problem related to brain and spinal cord as development of the baby. Quad marker screening test can be sure upto 80% of fetuses with Down syndrome in women’s over 35 and about 75% in younger.


Quad Marker Screening Test In Nepal

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